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Xoopar Wireless PokketMouse (0322)

Xoopar Wireless PokketMouse
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This is a smart revolutionary wireless mouse combining green and user-friendly features. No extra battery or USB cable needed. Two rechargeable power sticks work in shifts to ensure non-stop power supply. Each power stick holds a nano receiver and reachargeable battery that are connect to each other. You simply exchange the power stick when needed.
> Led lighting logo
> 2,46 Wireless technology
> Dual rechargable batteries 'while using, while charging' usage
> Working distance: 5 - 8 m
Print area: 50 x 98 mm
Print method: illuminated logo
Colour: white
Product dimensions: 57 x 150 x 13 mm
Packaging: black gift box
Packaging dimensions: 85 x 120 x 20 mm

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